Furniture Removal

Safely Remove and Recycle Furniture Around Tacoma and Olympia

Furniture Removal and Recycling in Tacoma and Olympia

Furniture can be one of the most cumbersome things to get rid of. It’s big, bulky, made of many different materials and may be a little too… worn for anyone else to feel comfortable taking. That’s where we step in. At EZ-Haulers in Olympia and Tacoma, we’re always comfortable taking your old furniture. In fact, we want to be your first call anytime you need to get rid of an old mattress or couch.

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The Benefits of Choosing EZ Haulers for Your Furniture Removal

  • On time arrival for removal appointments and curbside pickup always available

  • We can handle any furniture, no matter awkward size or shape

  • Reusable furniture will be donated

  • What can’t be donated will be deconstructed for recycling and reuse and then the rest will be disposed of

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Furniture Removal and Disposal in Tacoma

Our furniture removal services are some of the best in the area, simply because we care about being professional, doing the job right, and ensuring proper disposal more than our competition. When you work with us, you’re not only getting your junk taken away, but also the peace of mind that it isn’t being disposed of improperly or even illegally. When we come to take your furniture away, everything that can be saved for recycling and reuse is.

How Your Furniture Can Be Removed and Disposed of Properly

Furniture can be a hassle to get rid of. Oftentimes we hold onto it for too long, and it becomes something that nobody would want simply because of the wear and tear that comes with sitting without use. Particularly in dank, dark areas. Sometimes, we just bury it under a bunch of other junk and forget about it until the entire space needs to be cleared. Whatever the case may be, we can help you with your old furniture. Whether it’s the odd couch that teenagers used to hang out on or one at the bottom of your garage or basement pile that also needs to be cleared out, there may be some value in it yet. Couches are filled with recyclable and reusable materials, such as wood, steel, aluminum, and certain fabrics and cushioning materials.

How We Can Help With Furniture Removal and Disposal

Whether it’s the odd couch that teenagers used to hang out on or one at the bottom of your garage or basement pile that also needs to be cleared out, we can save you a trip to the dump by picking up and removing your couch, processing it for materials, and then disposing of whatever can’t be reused or recycled in some form. This way, you save a trip to the dump and your “junk” can be turned into something useful for somebody else.

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Almost Any Furniture is Fit For Removal

Some of the Furniture We Remove Includes:

  • Mattresses and box springs

  • Couches and Loveseats

  • Tables, Chairs, and Kitchen Furniture

  • Desks, Dressers, and Shelving Units

  • Much much more

For peace of mind and furniture removal services that you can trust, get in touch with EZ-Haulers today in Tacoma and Olympia.


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